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Which Bride Are You

Your dress and flowers are a reflection of who you are. Consider your style, season and venue when making selections for flowers. Take the same approach when selecting your dress, who you are should always be part of your "LOOK". Our services are not limited to flowers, we also offer the "Bridal Stylist" with a stunning selection of dresses exclusively from "La Sposa" by PRONOVIAS. Visit the collection: www.lasposa.info, you will enjoy a 10% discount towards bridal as one of our VIP brides.



The traditional bride favors elegant and regal gowns. Consider flowers in shades of White, Green and Gold. Lush cascading bouquets, tall and elegant arrangements in candelabras are ideal for a traditional formal wedding at a banquet hall.

Traditional flowers: Roses, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas, Gardenias and Lilies



The modern bride favors gowns with new ideas and textures. Think of bold colors and unexpected combinations of flowers. With a need for something new flowers will bright, unusual and always very structured.

Modern Flowers: Calla Lily, Cymbidium Orchid, Phalaenopisis Orchids and Tulips



The romantic bride will always think of how she feels and will always notice the smallest detail. Keep an eye for soft color combinations and feminine flowers. Shades of Pink, Lavender and Red accented with candlelight will always set a romantic tone.

Romantic Flowers: Roses, Peonies, Sweet Pea, Dahlias, Anemones and Hydrangea



No fuss for the minimal bride, simple detailing and a perfect fit are all that matters. Neat, simple arrangements in low vases will always ensure a refreshing and uncomplicated look. Consider using multiple arrangements using a single flower in groupings of 3 which will be perfectly placed at restaurants, banquet halls or any outdoor venue.

Minimalist flowers: Tulips, Amaryllis, Orchids and Flowering Branches

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